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We rally each month at a different location within Victoria. The 6 divisions usually go in 6 separate directions and whilst most members prefer to attend their own divisional rally, all are free to visit any other division. It just means a phone call to the Secretary of that Division to make sure there are sites available. Periodically we hold a combined rally for all of the divisions.

Join Us

Would You like to Join us? You are welcome to email Veronica Montauban or call on 0491 133 008 and she will send you an information pack or you can visit any division of your choice to find out for yourself. Check the Rally Calendar for a weekend and destination that suits you. We just ask that before your third visit you join the club. If you would like to give us a try please contact the secretary of your selected division and let them know that you are coming. Everybody will make you very welcome. ….And if you enjoy your caravan and enjoy fun and friendship we are sure you will love the RACV Caravan Club.
Visit our Downloads page for a Member Application Form and Rally Calendar.


The Executive Committee of the club comprises the President, the immediate past President, the club Secretary, the club Treasurer, the Activities Director, and the Vice Presidents of the 6 divisions of the club. The Newsletter Editor is not a member of the executive but attends executive meetings for the purposes of collecting necessary information for publication in the newsletter. The details of the responsibilities of these executive members may be found in our constitution but as a group they are responsible for the management of our Club.

Rob Taylor

Ric Luiyf

Past President
Sandra Eldridge

Activities Director
Anne Cecil

Newsletter Editor
Julie Mason

Division 1 VP
Steve Clark
M: 0419 369 728 Secretary
Kevin Kennelly
M: 0407 000 734 Treasurer
Peter Whitehurst
M: 0395 600 303 Marshall
Kerryn Maxwell
Daryl Barker
M: 0419 564 788

Division 2 VP
Alan Jennings
M: 0458 219 279 Secretary
Bill Penney
M: 0436 411 000 Treasurer
Ken Slade
M: 0490 338 037 Marshall
Patricia Glover
M: 0428 610 124

Division 4 VP
Robert Booth
M: 0413 222 203 Secretary
Michelle Sommers
M: 0422 286 642 Treasurer
Cherie Evans
M: 0404 851 025 Marshall
Paul McKinnon
M: 0422 382 774

Division 5 VP
David Breese
M: 0425 715 349 Secretary
Gay Blake
M: Treasurer
Tony Grigg
M: 0427 273 277 Marshall
Stella Breese
M: 0425 705 675

Division 6 VP
Lindsay Anders
M: 0407 045 532 Secretary
Linda Richmond
M: 0407 831 083 Treasurer
Charles Allan
M: 0438 002 095 Marshall
Anne Nichol
M: 0422 410 713


R.A.C.V.C.C. Contact Information

Registered Association Number: A 0006900 V
ABN: 83 836 581 725
Registered Office:
PO Box 165 Ashburton Victoria 3147
Postal Address:
PO Box 165 Ashburton Victoria 3147
For Bank EFT BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 162 218 671

Please use your name as a reference when using EFT.

Newsletter material to:

Julie Mason

New Members:

You are welcome to email Veronica Montauban or call on 0491 133 008

General correspondence to:

The Secretary
RACV Caravan Club
PO Box 165 Ashburton
Vic. 3147


email Clint Diston


Downloads & Links

Club Forms

Membership Application Form
If entering a renewal date please pay renewal first. EFT details above in "Contacts".
Executive Nomination Form
Divisional Committee Nomination Form
Application for an Approved Tour
Christmas Rally Booking Form

Club Documents

Club Constitution


National Association of Caravan Clubs
Association of Caravan Clubs of Vic.
SA National Rally 2022

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About Us

In 1937 Melbourne witnessed a cortege of hand-made caravans heading out on their first-ever rally. The RACV Caravan Club, the first such club in Australia, had just formed. Its 100 members with their 32 caravans were heading for Barwon Heads for the weekend. Thousands turned out to see them.
Sandra Eldridge, (pictured) its “official historian” says that in the early days RACV was keen to replicate the growth in caravanning then happening in the UK and US. “RACV was formed in 1903. By 1936 there had been an increasing number of articles extolling the virtues of caravanning and the wonders of camping beside the beach or beside nature for very little cost,” she says. ‘Motor gypsying’ was portrayed as the cheapest way for a family to travel, and the idea became so popular that the RACV magazine published instructions on how to build a caravan.

Only during World War II did the rallies stop, resuming in 1946. Slowly the membership grew, and suburban caravan parks in Frankston, Eltham, Sorrento, Yackandandah, Daylesford, Mildura and Tallangatta became club favourites.

People joined through word of mouth and by the 1970s it was the biggest caravan club in Australia with 1200 members. The club was divided into five divisions and each organised its own rallies. Members would leave home on a Friday, drive to a rally, set up in a caravan park and then the fun began – eating, socialising and playing games. It still happens that way.

“We do silly things… people dream up activities,” Sandra says. “There are dance and movie nights, picnics, visits to local attractions, campfires, games for the kids, fishing and afternoon tea. The conviviality is quite unique. Our children loved it.”

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